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How did Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease Act shift US foreign policy away from isolationism? It lent arms to Allied forces and allowed them to pay later. It allowed the US to sell arms to belligerent nations.. It put US bases on German territory. It put US bases on British territory.

Karen Wright

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on December 31, 2018

It is lent weapons to the Allied forces and allowed them to pay later.The Lend-Lease Act nullified part of the laws of Neutrality by allowing companies and the government to help the Allied Nations with weapons, but not the Axis Powers. The Lend-Lease Act moved the united states away from the Neutrality acts that prevented any person in the united states of the sale of goods to warring nations, the borrowing of money or supplies to the warring nations. The united states, until the passage of the lend-Lease Act was staying out of the war for the most part. This law allowed the united states to provide supplies, weapons and armament to the Allied Nations only. This puts US in one of the war and drew a clear line of support.

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