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How did republicans try to project a universal appeal in their 1896 platform

William Cain

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3 answers

3 answers

Daniel King on January 29, 2019

Among the things Republicans were focused on were the issues of veterans, women rights and equal salaries, immigration laws, etc. They appealed to their historical rights and achievements of the previous Republican politics. In addition, the party highlighted the wrongdoings of the previous government and how terrible consequences were for the country’s economy and trade, weak industry, and depression. Republicans showed support to the gold standard but were smart to leave a way for silver to run for a bit. Though, this led to disagreements with a few western delegates.

Combined, all efforts brought them the support of people hoping to change the ways things worked. The general appeal to the more industrial and urbanized citizens of America led the party to success.
Among other things, Republicans turned their attention to the issue of other countries struggling to get free from the European control. Their gaze fell upon Cuba and Armenia thus showing support to the countries that fight for independence and equality.

All speeches of the Republican candidate were carefully scripted to avoid even the slightest slip that may lead to unwanted questions.

1896 National Convention in St. Louis saw the total of 924 delegates which resulted in the election of William McKinley as the president of the U.S.

As the result, the years of his term marked rapid economic and industrial growth of the country.

Jeremy Wood on January 18, 2019

The Republicans made a lot of promises for people in their 1896 platform. Many factors contributed to their victory at that time. But I think the most pivotal one was to keep slavery from spreading.

Kevin Sutter on April 24, 2018

Hi honey I hope you can help me! They had planks in support of women's suffrage, against lynchings, for living, for tough immigration, and helping veterans.The 1896 Republican platform included equal pay for women, favored the gold standard, and territorial expansion.I wish you the best of luck,Izzy

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