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How did general grant’s total war strategy affect the presidential election of 1864?-it made lincoln a popular candidate for the democratic party, which approved of grant’s strategy.-it allowed sherman to capture atlanta, which increased lincoln’s popularity in the election.-it horrified many voters in the north, who decided to support andrew johnson instead of lincoln.-it lost lincoln support among abolitionists, who wanted him to focus on freeing enslaved workers instead.

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1 answer

Mindee Nelson on January 8, 2018

Option correct answer is :B) allowed sherman to capture atlanta, the rise of lincoln's popularity in the election.Explanation:In the united States Presidential election of 1864, Abraham Lincoln was re-elected as president. Lincoln ran under the National Union banner against his former top Civil War general, the Democratic candidate, George B. McClellan. As the election happened during the American Civil War, fought only by the states that had not left the Union.

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