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How did Fredrick Douglass learn how to read?

Blair Lewis

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1 answer

Amanda Johnson on February 6, 2020

Fredrick learned to read from a woman named Sofia. . Additional info: Fredrick was living at a plantation in Maryland with the owner named Hugh Auld. Sophia Auld treated Fredrick as one of their own children, so she began to teach her the alphabet and three to four letter words. Sophia was so proud of Fredrick she went to her husband, Hugh, and expressed his excitement of Hugh immediately scolded Sofia to say that once a black man learned to read the bible, "it would be to always make him unfit for the duties of a slave". Sophia stopped teaching Fredrick and became mean and short tempered with him, holding onto the books when Fredrick was caught up in the reading. Fredrick, but not as well became a friend of Sofia's children, bargaining that if he gave them the food they would teach him to read. This plan was a success, later Fredrick worked on the streets for money, and when he had enough he would buy books to learn.

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