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How December got its name?

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1 answer

Jeffrey Rodriguez on February 16, 2018

The Romans had ten months in the year. His months . Martius (31 days) . Aprilis (30 days) . Maius (31 days) . Iunius (30 days) . Quintilis (31 days) . Sextileen (30 days) . September (30 days) . October (31 days) . November (30 days). December (30 days) . Martius, was named after their God of war Mars, Aprilis was possibly named after Aphros - the Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite Maius was the name of the Greek Goddess Maia, Junius, is named after the Goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter. . All other months are the name of numbers - Quintilis means fifth, Sextilis means sixth place, and so in December, which was the tenth month.... the same root as the word decimal. (MORE)

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