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How could he treat you badly even though he told you he loves you but he goes to another girl now and want to marry her and he never even told you?

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

1 answer

Kristi Hammond on August 30, 2019

No offense but that it was likely that the use of you, especially if you were still together while he was with her. He defiantly seems like a player and I would like to stay away from him. Or maybe you and him were basic boyfriend and girlfriend, but he seriously fell madly in love with the girl he is with now and is seriously considering the possibility of being for ever with her. If you really care about him you would be happy for him no matter what even if your still hurt. Or maybe he could be saying the same things to it just so you can get any thing out of it. I cant tell you which one is to be honest, because I don't really know everything that happens, so sorry. For me, my current boyfriend, Daniel , broke up with his girlfriend and wants to spend forever with me and I feel the same but say if he ever left me, that he probably will never do by the looks of it, I would support him no matter what though it's going to be difficult for me that still loves him enough to be happy with what the discussion that makes that makes you happy . Sorry, I wish I could help more, so massage me if you need anything else.

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