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How competent is an online math tutor?

Does anyone have experience with an online math tutor? I’ve been trying for so long to get my middle school niece a good math tutor. I’m not really satisfied with those that I’ve interviewed; the thing is I don’t find all of them qualified for the position so now I’m thinking of taking my search online and hope to find perfect math tutoring services. My niece deserves the best because she is very smart and lively and I don’t want some bad people to influence her. I’m open to suggestions how to get a good math tutor for kids. Thanks!

Annie Barnes

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2 answers

2 answers

Lyra Lestrange on October 25, 2018

hasn't worked too well for me through my schooling years. but I'm using this site for all homework help for all STEM subjects. my college semesters have been easier and less stressful!

Jeremy Wood on October 11, 2018

I understand that you love your niece but you have to give her the chance to grow. Don’t forget that she’s going to face the real world where you may not be able to make decisions for her; I’m talking about college and other things. When it comes to tutoring, believe me, you don’t need to look for too many qualifications or degrees because I’m pretty sure that is why you haven’t got a math tutor for that kid. The only qualification should be motivation and experience with kids; and yes, knowledge of the required areas; nothing more, nothing less. Once you are satisfied that a tutor has the motivation to teach, loves and respects children, has a good understanding of their individual psychology, and above all is skilled in the relevant subjects then, you can hire him. But if you’re going to focus only on degrees, you may lose hold of the really good ones. You may actually find a tutor who has a lot of degrees and experience but lacks the motivation to work as a tutor; he probably just works for money so that he could pay his bills or settle his debts.

Sometimes, the reason why students and pupils fail at school is not because they don’t have a good math tutoring service or a good English tutor but because there’s no one to motivate and encourage them to perform better. Kids do not always respond to harsh words so scolding them for failing a subject at school would amount to nothing. Growing up, my parents hired 3 tutors for my siblings and myself in four years but none of them made any difference in our lives. The fourth and last tutor that was hired was great, not because he had better teaching skills than the others but he had one quality that no other tutor had which was the key to our success at school and that was a convincing power. I mean we were clearly failing at school back then but he kept on telling us that we were the best and that we had the ability to top our various classes. I always remembered those words during every test and exam and also wanted to prove to him that we would not disappoint him.

So believe me, your niece does not just require online math tutors to excel at school. She needs someone to encourage her to be the best. Good luck!

Charles McAlear8 months ago

I wish I had a tutor like that growing up. I really don’t feel like sharing my own experience now. I personally believe that getting a math tutor for kids is always the best solution to kids’ failure at school. Based on experience, they help to improve the child academically particularly those who find it hard to concentrate in class and understand what is being taught. Most kids are restless; they just want to play and explore so getting them to sit in a particular place while listening to the adult in front of them can be very difficult for most of them. But getting a tutor eliminates all that because a personal relationship is established between a tutor and a child and a certain level of closeness as well. Online tutors, on the other hand, are not always the best.  

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