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How can your loans be forgiven if they are in default and you are disabled?

Kristi Hammond

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Jennifer Patterson on September 2, 2018 There is a Temporary Disability Deferment Request form you need to fill out and have a doctor and sign. This form is available at the URL above. I was in college in 1999. I became disabled with Reflex Sympathatic Distrophy and could not continue in the school. I am receiving SSI benefits. I have submitted the papers for the loans(4000) to be forgiven. My doctor filled me with his part. I sent it and thought that was the end of the same. Now, each year I received a letter from EDS saying it is still owed. I sent a copy of my disability 3 times. It has become a bad mark in my credit card. My SSI is 564 a month, my rent is 530 a month and I am trying to raise my 13 years old son of this. The best advice I can give is that BEFORE you send the letter from your doctor to make several copies because each time they sell a student loan / send it to collections, they leave out the fact that you are permanently disabled and you have to go through the whole process of the re-filing of your disability claim. I was in the same position.When the crediter wrote and called me, I informed them of my disability and was referred to another arm of the crediter.They sent my loan to ED where you can begin to get your loan totally removed after being disabled for 3 years. I'm not sure how the credters work ,but when they found out my only income was SSI,which they can't touch,which was less than 2 weeks before I heard from ED.This is a permanent disability.

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