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How can you use a federal Pell Grant?

Zach Chandler

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Jodi Brooks on May 30, 2018

The majority of students use their Pell Grants for financial aid, such as Stafford or A+ loans, as well as the private loans. Pell Grants can also be used to buy anything that you need to schooling: a computer, books, supplies, lab/student fees and, possibly, student housing. The award is only once per semester and in a lump sum. Many schools receive Pell Grants first, and take out without resolving the fees and give the rest of the funds. A student then can use the funds in the way that sounds, but it is only legal to pass by the school related to the subject matter, not personal, or as personal income (for living). Many kids just buy their more expensive products, such as books, computers, or other equipment that can cost a lot of money, and then send the rest for tuition, whether loan or other financial aid programs. Talk with your financial aid counselor how to make the best use of your Pell Grant.

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