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How can you transfer goldfish aquarium into another country?

Jodi Brooks

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1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on August 11, 2018

This really depends on how you are getting there and whether or not that country allows goldfish (although I can't think of any that don't). Start by draining the water of the tank - keep about 1/3 of what's possible, empty the tank water into a bucket. Next depending on how to get to them (ie, plane, car) you may want to dump the gravel in a bucket/bag (to keep the gravel as wet as possible by the addition of water). Put the filter/decorations in another bucket, make sure that the filter stays moist on the inside, or that you will lose all your biological filtration. Now any dry equipment (i.e: aquarium lights, U. V sterilizer, aerator) you want to take with you, it can be packed away as you want. When you arrive at your location to find a place to put the tank, replace gravel, fill with 1/3 of the water remains, add the other 2/3 but make sure that the temperature of the water is the same and dechlorinate first. Start filter again - put it in motion for about an hour or 2 to get water circulating again. Add ornaments or lights. Finally add the goldfish - but we're going to adapt to the new water first gradually by pouring a couple of drinks in the container, which have been to stay in the, every fifteen minutes.

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