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How can you tell if an Internet rental listing is legitimate?

Tara Andrews

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on December 5, 2018

Browsing The List Of Rental Resources . "Owner Direct" in the lists of sites like Craig's list are the most likely to represent actual units. If you call the number, and the person that they speak is not the owner, you had. The problem is, brokers are colonizing the 'owner direct' web sites with their own ads.. The list of databases maintained by the real estate agents are most often simply a marketing resource, which consists of 'representative' properties. There is simply no incentive for these agencies to ever remove a listing. Each property is there to generate sales opportunities. Without the address information provided in the list, there is simply no way to put an end to this practice on the part of local agencies.. The purpose of the listings of drive calls to the brokerage, and to allow customers to get a ballpark sense of what is available in a particular area, and at what price. After talking to an agent, the agent makes a series of phone calls to actually locate available properties.. Online listing of resources Ok to obtain the surface of the earth, but they are not useful to directly find in the apartments. Unless you have the time and energy to the track of a direct owner of the property, agents find their unity in a process that takes time orgy of phone calls--after making contact with them.. New web-based data and services of outsourcing of business processes may change this picture in many of the markets in the near future.. Things to look for:. 1. Date/Time: When was the list that are looking for posted? Recently updated listings are a good thing, but if hundreds of listings claim to have been updated in the morning, be careful. Sites may be updated daily, but every listing no availability checked daily in most agencies.. 2. If it sounds too good to be true....Sometimes less is more. Portals that have thousands and thousands of listings are likely to be listed in the same widely advertised apartment building properties time and time again. (with information of the address, the aggregate of the portals tend to fill up with redundant listings from multiple agencies.). 3. Third party verification: If you can find a service in their city, which provides third-party verfication (that is to say, the data are provided by someone who is not a real estate agent) for use of that service. Avoid paying for the services, however--these tend to be lists of widely advertised apartment building properties.. 4. Help the Police to Craigslist: Flag of brokerage of properties, published in the 'ower direct" section of Craigslist. Until better third-party data sources in-line, Craig's List is going to be one of the best sources of data in the city. Put your grain of sand to keep it as clean as possible. (Again, without information of the address, Craig's List is filled with redundant properties, especially in the corridor of the section.)

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