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How can you stop yourself from being bored?

Cynthia Baker

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William Cain on May 8, 2018

you write a list of things to do on a daily basis, then some of them (see also "how can I stop being boring')! __________________________________________________________________________ 1. Youtube Youtube is full of hilarious and informative videos that are completely free and easy to access. I'm going to post some of my favorites in the future. 2. The Chat is difficult to find someone who does not use facebook, twitter or skype, so get online and find someone to chat with. It is very fun, and you can talk about whatever is on your mind. 3. Game the Game is fun, in many cases, and can make the time fly. Ideal for when you're stuck with a lot of time on their hands. 4. Make some money on The internet is a great source of a little extra money. This could come through advertising on a website or blog, affiliate marketing pretty much anywhere, or selling things on amazon. All of which can be done without leaving your chair. Source:

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