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How can you stop student loan wage garnishment?

Bethany Evans

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Kaitlin Dean on July 8, 2018

There are two ways to stop wage garnishment in the united states. The first is to enter into an agreement with your student loan collection agency to rehabilitate the loans over a 12 month period. The second and easier way is to consolidate your loans. If you need help with the consolidation of defaulted loans, click on the link at the bottom of this text box. It is unlikely that you can. If the debt has proceeded to a lien, then the loan company has a judgment for the debt and has not been able to collect. Now that they are getting the money and is not likely to stop the embargo without further order of the court (which would have to obtain from the court) to do so. The last two statements are incorrect. A wage garnishment will be lifted by a collection agency if the loan will be consolidated by another Federal lender, for the non-payment of the loan will be paid off with the consolidation.

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