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How can you show your ex-boyfriend that you want to be mates like he said even though he dumped you and he thinks you still like him more than you are telling him?

Donald Ward

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1 answer

Ashley Howard on March 30, 2018

Response . The magic words here are "dumped you." I am very sorry this happened to you, but gave reasons, and you should know of them. Whether you were the cause of them or not, he wants to move forward, or you've really hurt him.\n. \nLove should be a wonderful thing, and sometimes these "wonderfuls" can hurt you, then I would suggest you phone him and meet somewhere and have a pleasant conversation. It is time that you communicate your true feelings for him and the risk factor that you can continue to walk. Sounds like he needed it to reinforce the fact that he did not care for him much more than let him know. Time to change your way of thinking and simply let him know how you feel.\n. \nGood luck\nMarcy. Response . The question is why would you want to be in contact with a person that dumped you. I was walking with my pride and leave him alone.

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