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How can you overcome ostracism due to bullying at your high school?

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

Annie Barnes on May 7, 2018

In my experience, I was bullied in middle school, and because of this situation I had no issues in high school. I think that the whole world is the victim of bullying at one time or another. Anyway, it was me against 4 of my once close friends and all of a sudden that you ever met in your side. Spread nasty rummors about me, threatened me, and of course pranked call me all the time. At first I was distrught, I thought my life was over, I started to miss school, and the classes, and not attending lunch. then one day I grew tire of performing them and I thought that it would be better to get my ass kicked and has with it, then to keep running. However, to get a little bit of self-defense tips from my cousins, before I made my move. At lunch one day, he finally arrived at the cafeteria and sat down where I once had with the girls. They tried to make me move, threw food, called names, and when I did not move, one of the girls stood up and told me she was gunna kick my butt, so I stood up and said: "do it already! I'm so tired of you threatening me! You think you can beat me then go ahead and do it!!!" then I put it close to his face and told him to do so. Then, he began by saying that he was not going to hit me first and blah blah blah, and that she was not going to get introuble over me... then turned and walked away. Well, you all saw him, and when she was, people came to me saying way to stand up for your self and then everyone started to make fun of her because she had the opportunity to do what she ahd been talking about and backed down! the other girls called her and she apologized to me that night. HAhahah VICTORY!!!!! bottom-line is that you have to face your fears, you can take a butt whooping, but then that's not! At least you will know, if you threaten that you are faced with having to make good on it, but you can deter them for fear of getting in trouble, or whatever. I hope this helps and remember that not only are there more people who are being bullied, then doing the bullying!

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