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How can you not get nervous when you have to read in front of everybody?

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Jessie Thompson on January 7, 2018

Have you ever heard of ultra-safe for the teachers or the politicians? They suffer a great disadvantage in that their listeners fall asleep, however interesting they may be. I have known trade representatives who refuse to get lisps treated, because it is good for business; the whole world listens to with attention, and is sorry for them. That slight nervousness at the beginning of a speech is exactly what will keep your audience, force them out of sympathy. If you ever lose it, you are doomed to mediocrity! Remember, you are not talking because he wants to show of himself or of his learning; if what you have is really interesting, that is what matters. If it is not, give up and become a cleaning product. Polish your voice, not his personality or delivery, you can always be heard and understood. Practicing in front of a mirror. Make sure that your deliberate pause of sufficient time, and speak slowly. A short silence is better than any of the words: "type of things," "if you know what I mean", "Um", "Er", "type", etc Never copy anyone, be yourself, however different they may be.

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