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How can you motivate yourself to not be lazy?

Karen Wright

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on October 30, 2019

Motivation in general, consists in a decision-making balance, where the possible change (for example, going for a walk each day) must be seen as more rewarding than the usual behaviour (for example, sittingg on the sofa). Generally speaking, and individual becomes more motivated when their usual behavioral choices stop achieving their goals. For example, if my mother gives me money regardless of what I do, then my motivation to do chores will be less, However, if my mother makes the money conditional on doing the chores of the house and there is no other way to earn the money, I have to make a decision: Is getting the money worth doing the chores or not? The psychological therapy related to motivation (especially as applied to substance use) is Motivational Interviewing. A simple way to look at motivation is through Learning Theory. Even a simpler way is to imagine that you are a donkey. You can be motivated by a carrot or a stick. Usually, the carrot is more effective. Therefore, if you want to get motivated to do something, make it worthwhile and you're going to do it.

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