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How can you memorize the names of all the countries in the world?

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Amanda Johnson on March 11, 2018

In 2009, there are 257 countries in the world. You're going to have a job of memorization. The best way is to use a map and break the world into areas. Continents would be an easy way of splitting them up! For each section, you can use two good memory tricks to remember the names of the countries. The first is to make a vivid mental image - to learn to match the shape of the country or where it is on the map with its name. Make some flash cards with the country, attracted by one side and the name on the other side. Quiz yourself or have someone else quiz you until you can remember. The second way to help you memorize all the countries in a section is to write the names of each country down the side of your paper with a name on each line. Now, take the first letter of each country - that you are going to make a "silly sentence" by making new words to remember the names of the countries. Make a new word that begins with the same letter as the name of the country, try to do a fun penalty that is left in your mind to remember all of the names in that area.

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