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How can you memorize geography facts?

Kathy Robinson

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Jeremy Wood on July 24, 2018

One of the best ways to help in the learning of geography is the use of a map. The color of the different areas different colours to help you remember them. Also remember better if Iu can see how the areas relate to each other and where they are on the map. It also helps if you know some interesting facts about the areas, and something about what kind of people live there.. When the memorization of the countries, states, etc, you can make a list of all the names. Make a rhyme in a poem, or if you are musical, do a little bit of the song (like the abc song) to help you remember better.. Here is a concrete example of the use of the African countries :. In the first place, the list of all the countries. Algeria . Angola . Benin . Botswana . Burkina Faso . Burundi . Cameroon . Cape Verde . Central African Republic . Chad . Congo . Dijbouti . Egypt . Equatorial Guinea . Eritrea . Ethiopia . Gabon . Gambia . Ghana . Guinea-Bissau . Guinea . Ivory Coast . Kenya . Lesotho . Liberia . Libya . Madagascar . Malawi . Mali . Mauritania . Mauritius . Morocco . Mozambique . Namibia . Niger . Nigeria . Reunion . Rwanda . Sao Tome and Principe . Senegal . Seychelles . Sierra Leone . Somalia . The South Of Africa . Sudan . Swaziland . Tanzania . Togo . Tunisia . Uganda . Zaire . Zambia . Zanzibar . Zimbabwe . Whew! Now that you have your list, we're going to try to do an ABC poem, since there are so many names to try to learn.. the Supervisor's Note: this is in progress - please do not remove until you return to the gym, so I can finish!!**

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