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How can you lower monthly student loan payments?

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Brandon Scott on April 19, 2019

Response . You can apply for your loan extended over 25 years instead of 15, just talk to your bank. You can change later. You can ask for a open rate of interest, in place of thave been set. this means that it will reduce by several percentage points. You can get a line of credit from the bank, where you pay interest only, with the that you can pay off your loan, or make minimum payments until your salary goes up. You can (at least in Canada) ask for 6 months interest free extensions on your interest free, no fees of state, up to 30 months, 6 months, until your situation improves, providing you can explain why you can't pay down. I'm finishing my studies, and I owe $150,000!!! lol, Good luck to you!!! (p. s, this is for me, my wife, and my business failed ($20,000) that made me go back, not all the student loans, it is still fricking expensive...

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