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How can you love yourself irrespective of personal weaknesses and imperfections?

With so many social media prompts that make young people disturbed about their self-worth, nothing is more important than establishing ways to increase self esteem. I know that it takes a personal initiative to love yourself or feel good about yourself even when you know you have some weaknesses. Through my college days, I have realized that many people lack positive self esteem due to various reasons pertaining to their value or perceptions, hence my question is how can one love himself or herself amidst known personal imperfections and flaws?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on March 14, 2018

Self-worth is a paramount issue in our society today. I am always concerned about it especially when young people are involved. I think positive self-esteem helps one to acknowledge who they are despite people’s opinion. Through my practice as a psychologist, I have come to realize few people have a positive self-image, it affects their lives including interpersonal relationships. Just like other professionals, I would agree that self-image ought to be the personal  ground on how a person feels about himself.

One thing many people won’t accept is the fact that no human being can ever be perfect. I have seen most of my clients and friends make tremendous improvements on their self-esteem, make the decision of accepting themselves just the way they are. Loving yourself is not an option if you want to learn ways to boost your self-esteem. With many flaws that you have, loving yourself will make a completely new difference in how you feel about yourself. One philosophy that I have held for a lifetime is that I am a determinant of how other people treat me. If you love yourself unconditionally, then other people would have no option but to love you as well. Similarly, hating yourself for what you have or what you are will also make those around you to hate you.

I believe there may be no list of the things you need to do to boost your self-worth. The secret of feeling good about yourself is simply accepting the things you cannot change and having the willingness to change those attributes that you should alter to make yourself better. My life as a child was full of sad moments due to the harassment and rejection I received from my stepmother. The fact that I suffered from attention deficit disorder made people, including my parents, take advantage of me in many ways. It took a toll on my self-esteem to a point I decided to seek professional help. My counselor told me that I was never going to make a change if I didn’t accept my condition and learn how to live with it. Despite how simple it sounds, the secret brought healing to my life. You may be looking for ways to increase your self-esteem and love yourself despite your weaknesses: all you need is to accept everything that you can’t change. Appreciate yourself and improve the areas you feel you can work on.

Leigh Manna year ago

It is healthy to always carry a positive self-esteem. Schedule time for yourself, create a ‘me’ time to help heighten your self-esteem. Self-worth underpins positivity; it helps you see a positive side of situations. Positivity is a remedy to adversity and to survive in the modern world we must learn to maintain a high self-esteem no matter what situation we have. Don’t focus too much on others, many of us seldom notice their self-esteem is at stake until it is too late to salvage the situation. Robert Hand said, “the better you feel about yourself, the less you feel the need to show off.” Live it today. 

Jordan Sotoa year ago

I agree that self-esteem is very important and that it takes an individual’s effort to work on it. However, I feel you are taking the issue too lightly. One thing is for sure; people suffering from low self-esteem need help. Just like any other ailment, low self-esteem is a disease that if it is not handled with the seriousness, it deserves in managing it, it can affect one’s life negatively. My opinion is that there are various ways to increase self-esteem. Some of them include using the personal affirmation, positive thoughts, making appointments with a professional; avoiding comparisons with other people and so on. Unfortunately, few people know about the tips for improving their self-image and worth. As a result, there is need to help such people move out of their conditions. My experience of taking care of my daughter who had low self-esteem made me change my perception of it. Indeed, if I had not given her my undivided attention and support, maybe I could not have prevented her from the suicide she always contemplated.

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