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How can you get a maintenance grant in the UK?

Studying in any country is very expensive today. Most European universities, as well as the U.S. establishments, require a lot of money and efforts. The maintenance grant is one of those things that can make the life of any student easier. Student maintenance grand will not cover all your expenses. But at least a part of your money will be saved. Is there any information about the best maintenance grant 2017 offer? I wonder whether it will be available in 2018 as well. As you know, any financial aid is appreciated when it comes to students. Finding a good university maintenance grant would be ideal.

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on April 11, 2018

Unfortunately, I believe that you are a bit late. Maintenance grants are no longer an option in the UK. It’s really a pity considering that so many students with poor financial situations and from disadvantaged backgrounds have lees desire an opportunities to attend universities. They mostly stick to their hometowns so that they have a place to live. Don’t worry; university maintenances grants are not completely gone. If your courses started before August 2016, you can still get it. In other cases, maintenance loans have come to take their place. I do not think that it is a balanced substitution at all. How do you think those people in need will repay your loans? They may appear to be not eligible at all. Tuition cost already determines the choices of young people around the country. What does it matter where your passion lies if the courses are too expensive and the government cannot help you?

So, if you are lucky enough to still have an opportunity to get a maintenance grant for students, you can do so after the start of the academic year and the money will be used for your accommodation in the following year. The size of it mainly depends on your income. In addition, you can cover your student maintenance loan in this way. The money is paid in three installments into your bank account at the beginning of each term. A necessary requirement is to have lived in the UK for three years before sending your application.

Instead of the maintenance grant, 2017 was full of applications for a special support grant. You can get the same amount of money but you cannot repay your loans with it.

To apply for student finance, visit this website: It will tell you all necessary information about the deadlines, requirements, and the ways to apply.

Maintenance loan for living costs has the same functions as the grant and usually the same scale. Its only downside is the obligation to repay it. For full-time students, the average numbers are the following: living at home—up to £7,000, living away from home—£8,500 to £11,000. If you append at least a year of your UK courses living abroad, you can get up to 9,600. Note that students aged 60 and over cannot get this kind of financial aid. Fortunately, there are so little seniors that they do not to worry about these problems of youth.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

It’s pretty sad that young students cannot get proper financing. Living costs can reach unbelievable heights. Combined with tuition fees, people have to pay enormous sums of money to finish their higher education. I think that those students who have started their courses before August 2016 get great chances that they have no right to miss. Think about it—you have this offer, others don’t.

Maintenance grants have been hard to get even a few years ago. There are not some many offers as the opportunities to cover your tuition fees. You have to get it now. Besides, the rules are quite simple—bring a filled in application, an evidence of your income and you are covered. You just have to wait now.

Maintenance loans, in their turn, are less popular. Of course, any kind of help is appreciated by students, but the government doesn’t understand that it makes higher education even more unequal.

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