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How can you encourage your kids to do homework?

Ronald Miller

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1 answer

Eric Morgan on February 17, 2019

Here are some ways to encourage your child in school. Have a fixed time each day for doing homework. Don't buy that old "I don't have any homework" wheezing, or - if there is no work, then they use the time to study! . Have a special place for them to study, preferably somewhere that you can monitor to make sure that don't call attention to themselves with computer chat, cell phones, TELEVISION, or other things. . Make a calendar of tasks and keep you in a place where the whole family can see. Write (or type) of each mapping in the calendar, so there is no "I didn't know that was due" to the allegations. This will also help you to remember them ahead of time if you need to go to the library or do a project. . Avoid the temptation to "help" by doing the work for them - the task is mainly practical, to teach them to do the things that will help you later. If you're going to give and do for them, they are not going to learn. . Establish a reward system. Keep track of successes - with small children, you need to measure success in smaller increments, such as "do today's homework" or "Set of clothes for tomorrow", while older kids can wait longer for their reward as "he Got a good grade on the test" or "Became a project in time." Yes, it seems that you are bribing them, but scientific studies have shown that people learn new habits (and break old ones) better with a reward system than a punishment system. Your punishment will be consequences - see the following line. . Let them take the consequences of their actions. If you provide them the right environment, help when it is needed, and you still decide not to study hard enough to do good, then let them make a bad grade. Nothing teaches like having to deal with errors, and are more likely to change their minds and start to work if you let them "face the music".

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