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How can you convince random strangers to give you money for school?

Blair Lewis

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Heather Maxwell on September 2, 2018

Here is how to convince a stranger how to get money get started, go
To your nearest Walmart o Kmart store or grocery store and choose someone that lookss like it's not hurtin for the money and walking up to them and say sir I am sorry to bother you and I really hate to ask a stranger for a favor, but I am kinda in a bind ya see my car is out of gas on the park and ride and I am broke and been asking people to help to know that there is someone that could help me.. But I don't suppose there are many people out there that would help me get my car home I live about 30 miles away and I don't have family or anyone to help if they don't give you the money that you receive, or gas lol I learned this trick from an addict, addicted to heroin, I'm glad I don't do drugs or that I would be Doing that

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