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How can you become an Alpha in middle school?

Karen Wright

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1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on February 1, 2019

Alpha is wayy more than what it seems. People say that it is more difficult to be alpha, while starting at a new school, but what really gives you a better chance. The game of sports you are going to get to know a lot of people and you can choose one of your type. Once you have a friend, play a sport, then you need to focus on what you wear. Aeropostale journal is soo. Wet seal, and forever 21 is recommended. Also the school t-shirts. Boot cut jeans are unpleasant, they are also long skirts. If you are looking for the guys, you have to have the junk e-mail, since almost everything they're looking for, unless you find a sensitive real man. would you like to have more luck. Not to say a lot of perverted jokes, and have it in their belches. Not always eating in front of the guys, a total turn off. Be super confident and never act shy, or be a goody 2 shoes around the teachers. And take care not to get the reputaion of a slutt.
:) good luck
from a 7th grade alpha <3

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