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How can we make the coming NYU welcome week appealing?

As a student, I feel that some events are underprepared especially relating to first-year students. When I joined the university, it took me almost three months to acquaint with most of the facilities in the university. It is because the facilitation of the student orientation week was not thorough. I would like to see a change in the coming freshers week.  I will be happy if I get the best ideas on how to make the welcome week in all universities excellent. If anyone has some tips on how to make NYU welcome week appealing, please share them.

Deborah Edwards

in Events and Holidays

1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on June 21, 2018

I have witnessed several welcome weeks in higher learning institutions and I can confirm that the point you have raised is true. Later, many students were concerned about making new friends rather than providing help that makes new students comfortable in their initial year.  I feel the institutions should come up with a good program to help new students overcome the challenges they encounter while on campus. One of the things they can do is to come up with services that help new students and create departments that will handle each service. They ensure that the departments are headed by competent leaders who understand the needs of new students. They have to centralize all the services so that students can easily find them.

One thing that is amazing about the New York University welcome week is that it encompasses students from all over the world. The university is a non-profit private research institution in New York City; it is non-discriminative in its events involving thousands of students. Since students are from different nations, having several cultural activities can be binding to allow them to identify with their culture. It will represent students from all over the world. During our time, we ensured that the event does not have a theme that represents a particular culture. I believe that if institutions adapt the same, it will serve a common good in ensuring that there is no discrimination of any kind.

Student’s orientation is essential in helping learners acquaint themselves with various activities that happen on campus. One of the significant things is to allow students know different lecture halls. I have seen many first year students fail to attend lectures because they are unable to locate the lecture rooms. The fresher’s week is specifically set to allow new students familiarize with different faculties and the offices where they can find relevant help on their issues. Without this important help, many students can be misled by other continuing learners. It is a common responsibility of the teaching fraternity and students to ensure that freshers find the right guidance in learning about the institutions. 

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

As a student, I have seen many things that happen during the students’ orientation week, some are good and others are not. I know the challenges that fresh students go through. Sometimes when I think about the week, I feel nervous about what learners will encounter. I am happy that there are individuals who are working to see that freshers are welcomed in the right manner. Some of the things that I will not encourage are the night welcome parties. Many students attend them because it is part of the program and that is where majority take the wrong way in campus life. However, apart from few challenges, the welcome week is always a success to freshers. 

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