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How can we effectively deal with issues in the education sector?

There is a general concern about a large number of issues in the education sector in the country and the subsequent decline in the quality of education offered in schools as described in some editorials on education. If you consider the factors that are necessary to form a conducive learning environment and enforce the idea that education is important, such as child-centered learning institutions, the availability of trained teachers, adequate equipment, and the favorable attendance rates, you will undoubtedly notice there is a huge problem. Though most schools are child-centered, they lack either sufficient equipment or teachers to attend to all students equally and efficiently. Therefore, the how can the problems affecting the education sector be lightened?

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 9, 2018

Education is a necessary part of the development of the country and is centered on several factors, each of which has to work for a successful learning process to occur and successfully prevent most concerns in education. Perhaps, the most significant aspect to consider when dealing with issues such as performance is motivation; motivation should be the driving force behind every student’s desire to study and acquire knowledge. Motivation should be utilized to help students push through complex subjects and to do their best to understand them better. Also, the teachers should be motivated to utilize the skills they acquired during training to impart knowledge and ensure that the student has achieved the desired level of comprehension. The instructor should prove to have the aptitude to engage the students mentally, for example, using informative presentations, practice exercises, analogies all aimed at maintaining the students’ interest to learn. However, there are other critical issues that have to be dealt with before there are better education opportunities available to the students. Technology, being a contentious issue, has always been a major subject influencing the way education material is passed on to students; the main issue is the uneven distribution of resources whereby some institutions of learning have more technological resources than others have. Technology should be evenly distributed by governing bodies to ensure all students have equal opportunities to learn. Then there is the concern of testing methods such as the use of standardized examinations as a measure of student ability and mastery of content. There is a heated debate on whether standardized tests are necessary or not, and rightfully so. It is widely agreed upon that learning is important.

However, it has been the idea of some that these standardized tests do not offer an accurate representation of the student’s ability. A standardized examination is designed to offer the same exam to all students to collect data on high and low performers as well as an average score of all students. However the problem with this type of test is that it is not as accurate as can be expected, most students will prepare only to pass the exam and not for their academic development. Therefore I call for the replacement of thee standardized exams with more appropriate testing methods. Also, another issue that needs attention is the learning environment we subject our students to. Most schools have problems with the elements in their immediate vicinity that hamper the learning process. Such aspects as described in articles on education include bullying, discrimination, and segregation. All these factors will negatively affect a student because he or she will be too preoccupied to concentrate on studies. Therefore, you should strive to make the best of the learning situation in our country by trying to eliminate most if not all the factors that ail the education sector.

Eric Batesa year ago

In regard to the support of the renewed interest, it is necessary to change the classroom environment to make it conducive to learning and contribute to the advancement in the delivery of quality education. The issues in education mentioned above are just but a tip of the iceberg, there are many more issues that need to be addressed on the road to improving the level of education and provide access to more students. It should be noted that the advancement of an exemplary education system is because of many factors coming together. Some of the significant issues that should be addressed immediately include the introduction of support services into the education systems to help lighten the burden. Also, people should focus on the need to tackle the cropping issues in education to come up with a viable and verified curriculum that is coupled with a child-centered learning set up and effective implementation of technology such as computers, tablets, and projectors into the learning processes and adequate teacher, student ratios is vital.

Karen Wright8 months ago

Doing our best to solve the most important current issues in education is a key factor to improve the performance of the economy and to reduce social problems. It’s logical if we think that children that are going to school today will be adults that will guide the country and take vital decisions in the future. This vision can help us understand why education is important. It’s in today’s classrooms that the future is being developed, so if the government makes sure our children get a good education today, the country will ensure a good future.


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