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How can the government balance between immigration and education?

In the recent past, there has been an alarming rate of immigration mostly into the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Spain, Germany and Italy.  I understand that any government is first and foremost mandated to give quality to its citizens while at the same time not forgetting to promote humanity. As such, I’m kindly requesting someone with information to enlighten me on how to balance between immigration and education. In addition, I wish to know qualification requirements for immigrants higher education. Finally, I will so much appreciate if you can also enlighten me on how college for immigrants can be paid for by the host government.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on March 16, 2018

The rate of immigration into most first world countries is constantly increasing and most governments are finding quite challenge to balance between education and immigration rates. The number of people entering countries such as the US, the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Spain is doubling day-by-day. This has majorly been due to fighting, poor education standards and poverty across the Arab world and Africa that has led to millions of people fleeing their host countries to search for better conditions. It is always hard for any government to keep absorbing more immigrants and at the same time be able to give them quality education, fair employment opportunities and stable security. In some cases, even some of the immigrants do not have good intentions to the people and stability of the host country. A number of them camouflage themselves with the key intention of getting a pass and eventuality commit criminal acts in the host country.

Most first world countries are trying their best to embed immigrants in their education system. However, there are several serious challenges facing immigrants such as language barriers, difficulty in coping with the version of English used in the host country, difference in education systems, emotional distress and disjointed family relationships. Thus, it implies for any immigrant that is allowed to enter the US, the UK or any other host nation, the authorities should begin by nursing the pains of the immigrants so as to help them prepare to enroll for classes. Secondly, teachers and other educational stakeholders must help the student understand the versions of languages used in schools in the host country. This shall be by thorough vetting of immigrant students to evaluate their academic levels and abilities so as to be able to determine the class in which they can be placed. Eventually, the whole process shall be summarized by finding learning centers with the capacity that can absorb these students followed by assisting them to access financial aid to support their post secondary education. As matter of fact, colleges for immigrants can be paid by the host through scholarships and grants, but not through student loans. Student loans are mainly meant for the students from the host nation.

As you can see, it is quite a long and involving process that will demand resources and skilled personnel. I believe this is the most appropriate process to balance between learning and the influx of immigrants. Consistent accumulation of immigrants without giving them the basics will mainly lead to social problems such as drug abuse, violence and robbery, environmental pollution, ill health and over breeding. I strongly advocate that any country should absorb more immigrants if there are plans to settle them and help them lead normal lives. As concerns higher education for immigrants, it is significant that each one of them produces credentials that prove they are qualified to be admitted into the particular field of study or college that they have chosen. Any immigrant should be having sufficient financial ability in case they do not have full scholarships or sponsorship.

Larry Warrena year ago

I totally concur with the above response regarding attaining a balance between immigration and education. In order to balance the two aspects, the host nation should only agree to absorb immigrants when they understand they have enough resources and personnel to assist in settling them. In my view, this is a better approach in order to ensure that whatever these people were escaping from is not what they are going to encounter in their country of destination. Once there are enough facilities for housing and schooling, the host can resort to absorbing more immigrants.

As concerns higher learning, it should be noted that most immigrant students have little money to pay for their tuition and accommodation fees. Therefore, making information on how to access financial aid available to these students is an excellent way to begin helping them commence their studies. In addition, granting immigrants opportunities to work part-time will help them finance their personal lives and those of their families.

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