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How can one enhance their expertise in the higher education industry?

I just finished college and got into the higher education industry. I feel like I am not well conversant with my job and getting some more training will help me greatly. I plan to go for college professor jobs in the future but for now I am completely new in this field.  Consequently, I would love to get information on higher education associations. I think that by joining one, I will be able to gain very vital information with regards to my career. Lastly, please provide information on the higher education academy.

Ashley Howard

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on January 30, 2018

Luckily for you, the industry of higher education is organized in a way that allows for even you, the “teachers”, to be taught. The industry has several structures that provide support to employees.

One of such structures is the higher education association. This is an organized gathering of professionals in the higher education sector. It seeks to develop stakeholders professionally. It also champions new policies for all individuals in this sector.

These associations also undertake substantive research that goes a long way in enriching and informing the college professor job experience. They provide meaningful insight and solutions to matters affecting college professionals.

Higher-Education Academy is an institution that is responsible for teaching and assisting studies in higher learning. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It collaborates with universities, governments and other higher education stakeholders to change and improve teaching and learning. It is committed to improving the student learning experience while offering growth and support to those teaching them.

Through collaborations with universities, it created the UK Professional Standards Framework(UKPSF) - a guide for education and assistance in higher institutions of learning. This was started eleven years ago and provides the basis for the institution’s endorsement and acknowledgement schemes. Furthermore, it aids in enforcing advancements in higher learning.

This organization also offers consultancy and change services to universities and colleges all over the world.

The four types of HEA fellowship are known globally as signs of professional competence. Both new and experienced staff get recognized for their skills. These are:

Associate Fellow (AFHEA)
This is for professionals who can show evidence of effectiveness in relation to their professional role. This usually entails at least some teaching and/or learning support duties.

Fellow (FHEA)
This is for individuals who can illustrate general efficiency in more defined teaching and supporting learning duties. They should also be able to show a general knowledge of appropriate ways of teaching and learning support as major contributors to top notch student learning.

Senior Fellow (SFHEA)
This is tailored to those that display deep, effective approaches to learning and teaching as a major contributor to student learning. The individual may be an experienced staff member who is capable of illustrating their influence and impact on their colleagues.

Principal Fellow (PFHEA)
For those who show a consistent record of excellent strategic leadership in academic work and enhancement. You ought to be very experienced with wide-ranging strategic leadership responsibilities.

Brian Warner2 years ago

This comment is very good. I would love to contribute by highlighting the advantages of a higher education academy fellowship:

● Merges evidence of professional practice in your work with personnel
● Gives the much needed measure of success and is highly regarded by institutions internationally;
● Indicates an individual’s attachment and passion for the student experience, learning and teaching. This is by involvement in a hands on process that promotes reflection, research and development;
● This fellowship has become a necessity that employers look at when appointing and promoting higher education staff.
● This program provides titles to individuals such as (AFHEA, FHEA, SFHEA, PFHEA). This therefore helps in denoting the expertise of an individual.
● Guarantees that your institution is in line with the UKPSF standards. This therefore shows that your institution is of top quality. Please note that there are two ways of becoming a fellow:

a) Direct application and,
b) Accredited Route

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