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How can one be tormented in hell for sin when Romans 6 7 says that he who dies is freed from or acquitted from sin?

Daniel King

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1 answer

Craig Stewart on September 5, 2019

I don't want this to come across wrong, but you can't take a verse apart from the verses it is with, called a context (with text) The passage is: 5 for if we have been planted united with Him in the likeness of His death, certainly we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection; 6 knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him, that our body of sin might be destroyed, in order to no longer be slaves to sin; 7 for he who has died has been freed from sin. 8 Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with Him, 9 knowing that Christ, having risen from the dead, no longer dies; death no longer is master over Him. The passage is talking about if we unite ourselves with Christ (be a Christian), then we are freed from the penalty of sin at the moment of death. Those who die without Christ will suffer the punishment of their sins. Look at verse 8, if we die with Christ, live with Christ, in heaven.

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