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How can immigrant students access education in the United States?

I’m working on an article that is intended to help immigrant students access quality and affordable education in the United States. I would very much appreciate if anyone can educate me on this subject.  I also wish to be enlightened on the significance of championing education for immigrants, and more specifically, how this initiative can contribute in building multilateral relations between the United States and other countries. Furthermore, I kindly request that you educate me on ways in which educating immigrant students can be improved, both at the local community level as well as at the state and federal policy and reform making level.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on March 16, 2018

There are standard procedures that can enable an immigrant student to enroll in an American school. Accessing education for any immigrant in the US will vary depending on the level of education. Children under 18 years are usually permitted to enter the United States when accompanied by their parents or guardians. In most cases, these children can be enrolled into American Elementary schools or high schools. Such children can stay and study in the US for the period in which their parents or guardians will be living in the United States.

As concerns immigrants who are over 18 years, they can be allowed to study in American colleges and Universities depending on their immigrant status. In the recent days, the United States has been particularly strict on undocumented immigrants. Previously, approximated thirty thousand undocumented immigrants have been enrolling as students in tertiary institutions. Out of this lot, less than two thousand end up graduating. A good number of these students encounter serious financial difficulties on top of lack support and mentoring.

Adult immigrants intending to study in the US must first of all apply for an American student visa in their country of origin. Visa application is either done through paper application or online application. Always remember that before you are offered a visa, you must meet certain minimum requirements that include the following:

  • A valid letter of admission from a recognized school.
  • A proof of financial capacity to facilitate your stay during your study. This should also include the ability to pay for your return trip to your home country.
  • A proof of having no criminal record.
  • A declaration that you will return to your home country upon completing your studies.
  • Ability to speak and communicate in English. This is proven through an immigrant a number of standardized test such as the SATs and TOEFEL Tests.

Having satisfied all these requirements, any student will be free to study and work part-time in the United States.

There are many benefits of championing immigrant education. These include: making education accessible to every person despite their origin, religious ideologies, gender or color, giving every individual a fair chance to get employed and earn a living, and most importantly, it builds good relations between different nations, which will further lead to more cooperation in trade, fight against terrorism, sports and combating calamities such as hunger, war, tsunamis and climate change among many other things.

Finally, the education of immigrant students haven’t reached the desirable international standards. There are still many barriers that are limiting the way immigrants can access education. Policy reformation by the state and national governments is needed in order to help immigrants attending American schools feel more comfortable.  Theses reformation should targets areas such as increasing financial support, beefing up security and increasing the weekly working hours to more than 20 hours to enable these students earn a reasonable living.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

The answer above is very informative and serves as a mind opener to anybody wishing to study abroad and not in the United States. Education is among the key migration factors that are prompting people to move from one country to another and understanding how to apply and be considered as an immigrant student is really important. Note that immigration policies in the US are mostly passed and governed by the federal government. Nevertheless, states have a constitutional mandate that allows them to pass laws that regulate the movement, working and studying of an immigrant.

Currently, states such South Carolina and Alabama bar any undocumented student from attending any public higher education center. On the other hand, Georgia prohibits undocumented individuals from enrolling in the top five selective public colleges. All the same, it is possible for any student to successfully complete their studies in an American university/college. The key point is that anyone wishing to study anywhere must do their research appropriately before applying to any college.

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