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How can immigrant parents provide education for their children?

Often, immigrant parents worry that their children won’t be accepted in any school and be left without proper education.  I worry about the same thing. What happens if my daughter cannot study in the U.S. at all? Are there any immigrant children in school in your neighborhood? Do you know people in my situation that have dealt with the problem in an effective way? The education of immigrant children should be done in some way, and I right? I’m patiently waiting for your advice and tips.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on May 21, 2018

Don’t worry so much! Your daughter will be able to attend any school she wants. Have you ever read immigrant statistics? According to some survey conducted recently, in some states, up to 80 percent of public school students are children of immigrant families! Just think about this number. Of course, not all states show such impressive figures, but they are pretty higher all over the country. There is no need to worry about your child’s future because of the school. The immigrant children education is important for the country and the authorities try to provide the best conditions for them. The right for education is still active and we must comply.

However, as you understand, the situation depends on the state you live in. I won’t lie and say that every little town in the country is welcoming for immigrants. In some places, people are still biased and will give you hard time which, I believe, is ridiculous considering what country we live in. How can people from the place that has been founded and developed by immigrants from all over the world be intolerant towards modern immigrants?

There are even free colleges for undocumented immigrants which are a rarity in the world. So, you can be sure that your daughter receives goof education in the future. The high school will not be the last step for her. Besides, if your child is born here, she has as many rights as everybody else.

There are many immigrant children in a school my children go to. Remember that no matter what, Florida has at least one place where your daughter can feel safe. Children there are as all children—yes, they are picky and cruel sometimes, but there is no inequality based on your legal status.

If you want to see more data and read a reliable professional review of what I’m saying here, this is a good page for you - Published by the Migration Policy Institute, the numbers are completely reliable and made by qualified experts of the field. You will see that the numbers of children from immigrant families are constantly growing.

Besides, I’ve recently read an article claiming that immigrant students are often top performers in their classes. Does it have anything to do with their worried immigrant parents? I believe that trying to provide the best education for your children impacts their view on the value of education. 

Ronald Millera year ago

I have actually also read a similar article. I was truly surprised to find out how good immigrant children are in studies. In fact, I was more shocked to find that other students view education as something not worthy to worry about. I believe that knowledge and skills are the most important things you can acquire in your lives. Here is the article I’m talking about: Forbes always find a way to surprise me. This is actually an interesting read. I think it will soothe all your worries concerning the future of your daughter. Everything depends on her and her wish to study. There are always at least a few schools ready to support immigrant children education.

The government of our country and the local authorities constantly develop immigrant laws and head toward providing even better conditions. I believe this is the result of the activities of modern groups and organizations that advocate immigrant rights. 

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