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How can I use search tools like nyc school finder?

My younger sister is soon moving to New York with me, so I am in the course of looking for a reputable Catholic school in my area which has a high achieving academic record. I have tried using tools like nyc school finder, but I have not been successful. Any assistance on how to use the search sites to find a school that is in the Catholic school rankings in New York would be appreciated. I would also like suggestions of Catholic schools that are also in the nyc public school rankings.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on March 19, 2018

I have studied and lived in New York all my life, and I can assure you that nyc finder for schools is the best site to use when looking for schools in the area. Good news is that the site is also easy to use; you can search any name, program, courses, academic interest or curriculum activity and a list of schools offering them will appear. Using the site, you can find any school anywhere in New York depending on the student’s character. The site additionally allows you to save schools you are interested in. If you have any further problems using the site, search for straightforward guidelines of using it on the internet. To find more about ranks of Catholic schools take into consideration the following factors:

  •  Avoid using results of ranks that are based on one specification; this could result in inconclusive results; use all specifications to find more realistic results that would not lead you to conclude.
  • Look at the new or rather updated ranks of nyc public schools. Most of these ranks are updated annually so ensure you rely on the most accurate data
  • The number of students in one school could interfere with the accurate results of the rankings

Aside from online search tools can uncover articles by writing experts in that field. These could be blogs where you could look at the comments of others and even ask follow up questions that could help you narrow down your search. Reading more about other people’s experience could help you gauge and get a complete overview of the schools in question. These are questions targeted in finding both the school and program of your choice. Once you have options for schools to select from, try asking for any requirements that may be needed for the application. This could be any necessary identification, immunizations, previous school records and the students’ residence. Try and find out all relevant information about the schools.  To answer the question, there are several reputable Catholic schools you can apply to although they are all determined by what suits you best. However, most ranks are based on mean scores and the percentage of the scores. Factors that affect the academic ranks include:

  •    The background of the students
  •    The intake selection of the students
  •    The language of the students
  •    The economic differences between the students
  •    The academic performance of the students

Leigh Mann2 years ago

I recently graduated from a college in New York, and I think to find a school that suits both your needs and interest can be challenging since there are many schools and programs to look through. However, with the help of online search tools, you can find a school by simply searching a name in the list of school choices. It could be followed by the student’s character. You could also collect information about the catholic school rankings that could be matched against the school's database. This is by narrowing through the search tool using your preferences for instance;

  •    The grade level
  •    Religious affiliations
  •    Sports offered
  •    Feedback from parents with children in the school

Additionally, you can also join forums related to finding Catholic schools where you can review the opinions of others about certain Catholic schools in the area. You could furthermore read discussions and comments from other users.

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