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How can I use motivation pictures to address mental health issues?

I have been battling depression and anxiety for a long time and one way that I have chosen to deal with it is to practice and advocate for positive motivation. Many people who are suffering from depression lack life motivation therefore turning to drug abuse, self-harm/suicide.

If there’s someone who has successfully overcome depression or other mental illnesses, please share some insight on what motivates you in life. I also want to know if and how I can use motivation pictures to tackle mental health problems in the society.

Ashley Howard

in Self Improvement

1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on January 24, 2018

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. However, little effort has been made to spread awareness and reduce stigma. I have close family members who had struggled with mental conditions such as depression and many confess that what motivates them in life is the support system around them. These is mostly family and close friends. Motivational pictures have been successfully used to advocate for other issues in society and I believe they can also be used to deal with mental health problems as well. You can use these
pictures to:

  • Create awareness of depression and mental health.
    Many people in the society are not aware that depression is one of the most common serious mental issues. This is the first hindrance to effectively fighting the issue. To create awareness, you have to share information on what mental illness such as depression is and informative facts about it. However, ensure that your messages are simple to understand and do not portray the people you are advocating for in bad light.
  • Encourage depression and anxiety patients.
    Encourage other people suffering from this condition using life motivating quotes or images. This could be tips on how to ditch unhealthy habits that arise from depression such as overeating, physical inactiveness, self-harm, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. Use your own experience and struggle to understand what others are struggling with. Many people suffering from mental illnesses are usually find it hard to accept they have a problem and therefore they don’t seek medical assistance.
  • Stop stigmatization of mental health issues.
    Mental illness is one of the most, if not the most, stigmatized medical condition on the planet. People suffering from mental health issues are often discriminated and shunned by the society. However, this conditions should be treated with the same concern and goodwill as other physical ailments. Use motivational images to start campaigns that advocate for inclusivity of these patients. Show that they too also have a place in society so as to positively motivate them.
  • Demystify common myths about mental illness.
    Many people who do not understand mental health usually believe the many misconceptions that surround it. For example, some believe that mental issues are for people with weak personalities or that mental health patients are always aggressive. This false information has further made the fight against mental illness all the more difficult. Talk about these myths and counter with correct information.

Ronald Millera year ago

For one who is gradually overcoming depression, a good support system is great but it doesn’t work so much for me. I have read motivational stories from depression survivors and watched movies. Although watching movies is only temporary, it still helps. I feel like I can overcome depression better when I see motivation pictures/videos of real people who have overcome it. It would also be really nice to get real-life pictures of survivors with life motivating quotes on how they overcame depression or what motivates them in life to keep going. 

Noel Byrda year ago

I have previously struggled with depression. Although I cannot say that I’m fully recovered, I have relatively lived a normal happy life for some time now. I would like to give some insight on what motivates me in life, so I can help someone else.
 Leaning on family and friends.
My friends and close family members have been a pillar to lean on during my struggle with depression. Ensure you surround yourself with the right people.
 Joining a support group.
You can join an existing support group or form your own group. A support group helps you to share you experience with people who relate and understand you.
 Rewarding yourself for milestones achieved.
Set life goals that you intend to achieve and reward each achievement that you accomplish.
Desire to surpass expectations.
Set ambitious goals that surpass what other people expect of you. It’s always satisfying to accomplish the extraordinary.

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