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How can I teach my students about sports motivation?

I am high school physical education teacher and I have been training my students how to actively participate and succeed in sports for the past five years. I need to go a notch higher and teach my students about sports motivation. As such, I need guidance on how to approach this subject in order to enable my students to get the most out of sporting activities. I wish to know how motivation and personality can impact students’ success in academics and social life. In addition, I would very much appreciate, if anyone can educate me on how I can improve motivation among all my students.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Tara Andrews on February 20, 2018

I understand getting as well as keeping students motivated in schools is quite challenging. As a sports education teacher it may seem almost impossible to keep your students motivated through sports. You may find that some students are fond of sports; some are naturally gifted athlets whereas some detest playing or even watching others play. You may find others prefer getting into competitive contact activities whereas others are uncomfortable getting into contact with others. Personally, as a physical education teacher, I will first of all resort to offering trophies and prizes to students for successfully completing sporting activities. However, I understand that my external motivators may quickly lose its power to captivate and motivate my students to continue participating and compete in games. Prizes and trophies are simply among the many ways that can improve motivations among students.

As a result, I will try to find ways to inspire my students not only for the time they are in school but also for the time they will be out. My lessons on sport motivation will cover a range of areas. First of all, I will begin by teaching my students how physical exercise develops an individual intrinsic motivation. This kind of motivation is basically the pleasure that an individual acquires from completing or engaging in physical activity. I believe dedicating time to educating your child on how to be intrinsically motivated will have a lasting impression on their social and personal lives. To begin your lessons, here is my personal approach that will get you started.

Begin by developing activities that enhance students’ interests. The primary step is making sure you understand your students.  More often, you won’t need to depend on competitive sporting activities in your lessons. If your students like to participate in dancing events, make sure you design dancing units. If you wish to develop your student’s collaboration skills during this process, devise team building activities via group and partner dancing. Secondly, try to develop opportunities for individual-directed learning. Allow students to own take their learning through allowing them to select their personal targets, for instance, making 20 pushups per every five minutes or 20 squats after every ten pushups. This will help students to learn how to strive to achieve their goals. Furthermore, provide your students with options on how to demonstrate knowledge in skill acquisition. Also, as a teacher you should use task progressions. Just before diving into sophisticated tasks, that can possibly discourage and intimidate your students, begin with easier skill forms that will help students to build self-efficacy and sporting abilities without feeling judged.

Finally, note that personality and motivation are very significant aspects that determine the success of any student in any given field. Understand that personality is mostly inborn but tend to be shaped a lot by what goes on around us. Motivators around us coupled with our personal trait dictates how far an individual can go as far as personal excellence is concerned.

Charles McAleara year ago

Every teacher has a responsibility to ensure that their students get fair opportunities in succeeding in class work and sports. Therefore, I entirely support the approach provided regarding how to approach the subject of teaching students considering sports motivation. Consequently, I do agree with the comment on the answer.

Motivators that are associated with sports will inspire students to engage more in outdoor activities which will, in turn, increase their desire to be at school. Overall, this will lead to better performance in subjects since being at school always will mean that student is constantly learning.  

Incorporating board games and physically engaging activities can greatly improve motivation among students. Most importantly, this should include lessons on why such activities are important.


Jessie Thompsona year ago

I agree that sports motivation is an essential aspect of successfully developing the potential of every child. It requires a whole-hearted approach in order to deliver comprehensive guidance to every child. Proper physical education can help transform a child’s personality and enable him or her attain greater achievements in academics and social life. I advise that you should not set up your students through creating goals that cannot be attained. Instead, offer activities which can be accomplished with determination and hard work. You can request an athletically talented student to model some activities so that others understand that it is attainable.

Attempt to modify the elements of the sport’s model based on the strengths and weaknesses of a student. Whenever a student succeeds in a seemingly challenging task, she or he will be very proud of his or her performance. Giving your students positive complements will help them build more interest in partaking on a more complicated task.

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