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How can I take it courses online?

I’m curious about it courses online because a friend of mine took some programming lessons online recently and he learned a lot. He learned even more than what he thought he’d learn at first. It was a very good course. Following online it programs would be great for me because I work full-time and I don’t have time to go to an institution to attend classes. I’d like to know about the best online it training and also about the cost of taking online it classes. I have never taken online lessons before.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on August 22, 2018

Online lessons have certainly changed our perception of education in recent years. We usually thought of education as a process that took place in classroom where students received information from a teacher. Nowadays, there are more possibilities for this educational process to take place. A modern student only needs to have a laptop or a computer and a broadband internet connection to have immediate access to education. Likewise, the learning place has also changed. You can still learn in a traditional classroom, but thanks to modern technology, you can also learn in your workplace or at home.

There are online lessons about every subject that you can imagine. You can find many online IT courses and, as your friend told you, they can be very good. The main requirements to take an online course is to have a computer and an internet connection. Then, you will need to choose your course and register on the website that provides it.

After you register on the website, the next steps to take IT programs online will depend on the type of course that you select. For example, you can take IT classes for beginners or specific lessons to prepare for exams on Udemy ( ). You can find courses for less than US$20 on that site and their length is approximately 15 hours or even less. You only need to register on the site and watch all the videos of each course to complete it.

Another good option is Alison’s educational platform ( ). It offers free information technology courses of approximately 10-15 hours length. You can select the course that you want from an assorted list that includes mobile apps, cloud computing, network security and software engineering and development.

It is difficult to say what the best IT training online is since it depends on what each person is looking for, but Alison offers so many courses that you will surely find the one that fits you and, after you complete it and get a good grade in your final assignment, you can purchase a digital, paper or framed certificate. The cost will vary according to the certificate option that you select and the shipping method (regular or express).

An online IT class can lead you to a degree, if you follow a longer online course for about 2 to 6 years ( ). Fees for those courses are paid on a module-by-module basis.

Olive Wilsona year ago

I’ve taken different IT courses online and I’ve liked them all. Some are more interesting than others and some offer in-depth information while others are more elementary. But all of them have been interesting and useful – at least for me! It’s true that you need to spend some time researching on the internet to find the program that you want but I think that all of the programs that you’ll find will be useful. I often hear that people who take online programs work a lot and don’t have time to go to college and that’s why they choose to study online, but they’ll need a lot of time to study online too. We have assignments, as you do in your regular college. We need to read and think a lot too. But online courses are mostly made out of videos – and that’s an advantage because they’re short and entertaining.  

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