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How can I succeed in online degree programs?

I did my undergraduate degree in one of the universities in my local area. I really enjoyed going to school every day and interacting with other students in my class. I also loved the fact that the school provided a great environment for me to study. Now that I am a full-time nurse, I do not have the time to go to school and work on a daily basis. For this reason, I am considering online degree programs offered by Philips online learning center. However, I do not have any experience learning at an online learning center. What can I do to ensure I succeed in my course?

Whitney Matthews

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on March 22, 2018

An online degree program is provides a very convenient experience . For one, there is no one to follow up with you to find out why you did not attend classes. There is no strict class attendance and you get to decide when to attend your classes. With all this freedom, it can be tempting to slack on your responsibilities. However, if your goal is to succeed, you need to develop a lot of discipline.  There are a number of things you can do to stay on the right path and succeed. These include:

  • Participate in Online Discussions

Online learning centers give students the opportunity to interact through the messaging board. For instance, when you begin your classes at the Philips Center for Online Learning, you will be allowed to post messages and comments about your assignments on the messaging board. Take full advantage of this especially when you have questions about your assignments. This will not only enable you to keep up with the rest of the class but also make learning more enjoyable.

  • Avoid Falling Behind

Since online learning requires you to set your own hours, it is very easy to fall behind if you are not disciplined. To avoid falling behind, come up with a schedule on how you are going to attend your classes on a daily basis and make sure you have completed all your assignments and other tasks before the deadline. This way, you will not have any piled up work.

  • Get to Know Your Professors

Make sure you interact with your professors and other faculty members through email or Skype during office hours. You can ask questions or get clarification on topics that you do not understand. This will enable you to understand the material better and it might also be of great benefit when you need a recommendation letter from one of your professors.

  • Study in a Conducive Environment

Make sure you select a quiet and peaceful environment where you can always study and attend your classes. This is important because you are more likely to learn a lot when you are focused.

  • Interact with other students

Having friends at school always makes school more enjoyable. Try to make a few friends in your online class. Learn about their culture, career paths and ambitions. This will broaden your network and give you an appreciation of diversity. You can connect with classmates via email, Skype or LinkedIn.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

Succeeding in online degree programs requires a lot of discipline especially if you have a full-time job. One of the things that will really help you succeed is coming up with a plan. Your plan needs to include the time of day you plan to take your classes, how long each class will take and which deadlines you plan to meet each week. Apart from this, you also need to include when you will be studying the material you have been learning. Your plan also needs to fit very well into your daily life. You should leave enough time for rest so that you do not end up spreading yourself too thin. To create your plan, make sure you have the program’s schedule so that you can fit things like assignments and exams into your plan. You should not have any problem succeeding if you stick to your plan.

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