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How can I provide inspirational motivation to my employees?

I am a manager of a small company seeking advice on how I can be able to impart inspirational motivation in my staff. I recently got promoted to this position and have no experience on the matter.

From my work years as a junior level staff, I have witnessed the value motivation in management brings to a company. Our former manager was excellent at group motivation and I would like to get it right from the onset.

Can anyone provide applicable information on how I can provide this to my workforce?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 13, 2018

To make you understand the subject more I will start by defining it. Inspirational motivations are strategies employed by work management that entail communicating encouraging ideas to their personnel. These ideas are aimed to improve staff performance and challenge labor force to work towards the goals of the organization.

Below are productive approaches that you can employ to inspire motivation:

Communicate with your employees

This cannot be stresses enough. Communication is one of the most effective tools in the managerial motivation process. It provides you with an opportunity to learn about the concerns, attitudes and ideas of your team. The feedback you get can be used to plan your activities effectively.

Support their contributions

Be sure to encourage and even implement viable ideas put forward by your team. This will empower them and make them feel motivated in their work.

Provide demanding assignments

Assign challenging but appropriate tasks to your employees. People get bored when all they do at work is repeat procedures. Therefore, by undertaking different challenging tasks employees will be motivated by the new possibilities at work.

Encourage team spirit

Motivation for a group stems from good team spirit. Promote ethical values such as mutual respect, support and trust to achieve this.

Acknowledge individual successes

Celebrate achievements and progress made by your staff even if they are not that big. This will motivate them at work as they feel appreciated when they make their contributions.

Provide a good working environment

A splendid work environment motivates the employees. This is because it provides a stress free backdrop from which to work.  

Reward the top performers

Employees are motivated to work when they know that their efforts will be rewarded at the end. Make sure that your rewarding system is indisputable.

Share the vision of the organization with employees on an individual level

Employees are bound to be motivated after understanding their contribution to the vision of an organization. This is because this comprehension allows them to synergize their goals with that of the organization.

Appreciate every staff member

Be sure to applaud the unique contribution of each employee personally. This will make them feel helpful and motivate them to do more.

Delegate tasks

By assigning different tasks to your employees you motivate them. This is because such a move shows that you are confident in them. This in turn boosts their confidence in themselves hence inspiring motivation for work.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

These are very good solutions when it comes to providing inspirational motivation to your staff. I also have some more strategies to share.

Below are some of them:

Get your team to move as a single unit: Ensure that every staff member is onboard before starting on a certain project. This will provide a unified feeling when tackling a project. Schedule frequent meetings to ensure that all members are still motivated and pursuing their assigned tasks.

Monitor and evaluate your employee’s progress frequently: This is best for motivating employees as you will constantly be in touch with them. Employees feel motivated when their seniors are involved in the working process. This will improve their motivation.

Re assign struggling staff: Whenever an employee struggles with a given task, be sure to reassign them to tasks they can handle comfortably. They will be more motivated to take on tasks within their capability.

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