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How can I prepare for my psi exams?

I have scheduled for a psi exam. However, I have not been able to prepare for the exam since I am always busy with work. The exam is now due in a week and I need to prepare. I understand the last minute rush to study can cause me to miss important concepts. Therefore, I am requesting invaluable tips on how to prepare for a test, a psi test in particular. I prefer information from an individual who is familiar with psi services. Finally, please provide brief information on job test prep.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on January 2, 2018

I have been in the real estate sector for 20 years now and have taken several psi examinations. I will therefore try to give you the most appropriate answer factoring in my experience.

On how to prepare for the test, I recommend you follow my guide below:

  1. Attend classes in person: Learning in a classroom keeps you focused. It limits the interruptions that are associated with studying outside of classrooms. Phones, laptops and friends really disrupt your ability to learn and grasp important concepts. Additionally, a one on one interaction with your instructor will ensure that you understand and retain information much better.
  2. Rest enough: Be sure to get enough sleep the day before you take your examination. This will ensure that you are fresh and of clear mind when taking the exam.
  3. Use all 3 hours allocated: Do not be in a rush to finish your exam. Take ample time to read and understand your questions to provide the best answers.
  4. Use the online tutorial: This is very important when it comes to familiarizing yourself with the test. Get to know your online resources such as the calculator link and the sample questions. Make use of psi services such as practice exams.
  5. Go through the questions twice: Despite seeming simple, PSI questions are often problematic. They often have closely related answers that might be difficult to discern on one reading.
  6. Be keen on negatives: PSI questions often have negatives. Keep an eye on “not”, “except for”, “everything but” etc. This will save you from making wrong answer choices.
  7. Tackle all questions: Remember that leaving a blank is equal to providing a wrong answer. It is a good idea to guess at this point as it has a chance of being right.
  8. Pick the most appropriate answer: If you find yourself divided over answers, it is advisable to pick the answer that seems most appropriate and fitting to the question. Trust your instincts here too.
  9. Do not get involved in “memory dumping”: Do not cram information and put it down on the paper so that you can use it in case a suitable query appears

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Kurt Pricea year ago

Additionally, employ the tips below when studying for a psi exam:

  • Simplify the question: Examiners tend to put many details in a question to test the partaker’s understanding of the key concepts. Take time understanding the question and then eliminate the answers until you find the most suitable one
  • Employ the elimination technique: Eliminate some answers to remain with a few options. This will increase the probability of you getting a question correct in case you will have to guess.
  • Study a lot: No matter your duration in a particular sector, be sure to study extensively. Use practice exams when preparing.
  • Do not add any information to a question: Do not add any information to a question so that it can make sense to you. Most of the time you will end up answering a question you have an answer to rather than the exam question.

Noel Byrd10 months ago

I will add that taking some time to meditate can help you prepare yourself for your psi exam and, actually, for any type of exam. Be sure to study at least for a while and then, relax. Your mind will work more efficiently if you give it some time to process all the knowledge that you have gained. Yes, it is proven that some minutes of being calm can improve your concentration. That’s why relaxation and meditation appear in some health and education articles on how to prepare for a test.  

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