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How can I prepare for graduation day?

I am an international university student who will be graduating soon. Thinking about my graduation day gives me instant anxiety. It will be the most significant event in my life, and the fact that I will be graduating from a US university makes it more overwhelming for me.

Never have I been in the vicinity of graduation ceremonies or graduation venues during my stay here. Thus, everything will be entirely unfamiliar to me. So, can anyone advise me on how I can get myself ready for this big day? Thank you.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on May 18, 2018

The graduation ceremony will undoubtedly be a big day for you. You will be getting the authority to practice what you learned in your field of study as a professional. Nonetheless, graduation days can be pretty hectic.

You will be in the glare of photography flashes all day long. People will be moving randomly all over the graduation venue. You will see lecturers and professors that you do not like. Worse still is when you see them move in your direction when you know they will not have nice things to say of you. What will you do? You will have to keep pacing around. Ah, I am telling you it is a bustle, my friend.

In the spirit of being truthful; I would like to inform you that you can never be adequately prepped for this day. It is what makes it a special event in the first place. All you can do is prepare your mindset so that you do not look like a lost sheep on your big day. You should be ready for:

  • Your Parents’ or Guardians’ Happiness

If your parents or guardian make it to your graduation, expect them to be way happier for you. Watching a child grow up and make something out of their lives is overwhelming for all guardians and parents.

Therefore, do not be awed when you see them shed a tear or two. Be ready to hug your visitors and cry those tears of joy together. On a lighter note, please remember to carry a lot of tissues to wipe all the tears. Trust me, it will be a teary event.

  • A Lot of Photos

So much will be required from you in as far as photography is concerned. Your parents and siblings will always be pointing their devices at you. And when you turn to the side, a friend’s parent will do the same. So make sure that you practice on you camera pose and smile to avoid those embarrassing photos on your big day.

  • Too Much Sweating

Oh, you will sweat, a lot. The constant movement will get you sweating like an athlete. So, try to take a lot of water before the event. Carry water in a bottle to the venue to stay hydrated throughout the ceremony. 


Kayla Bowen2 years ago

Some other things to expect during your graduation ceremony include:

  • Damage to Your Grooming

For girls and boys with long hair, there is something to fear. The graduation caps will cement your hair to your scalp resulting to what is known as mortarboard hair. You might have a weird head shape upon removing it so be sure to rectify the same to avoid turning out like a clown on your graduation photos.

  • Walking To the Podium

The earlier you accept that you will be walking past hundreds of attendees to pick your certificate, diploma, or degree, the better. It will help you avoid panic when your name is called out. Prepare psychologically and physically for this. 

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