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How can I make revision cards?

I find that I always struggle with preparations around the exam time. This time, however, I’m ready to change my study methods. Therefore, I’ve decided to look for ways of how to study online effectively.

I’m in need of study tools for college students to help me prepare for my college exams. There are many options on the internet that it is quite difficult to decide on one.

One of the tools that have aroused my interest is revision cards. How can I make them and how do they help a person to study?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on February 26, 2018

A revision card is a method of creating smaller chunks of revision/study notes that you can print out and use to revise during the last minutes or days before an exam. They are one of the best study tools on the internet. However, they are supposed to be revision materials and therefore, you will first need to do the actual studying. So how will they help you study better?

  1. Makes revising enjoyable: in truth, if you do not enjoy studying something, your motivation goes down. If you have no motivation, you are likely to slack in your studies. These cards are an enjoyable way you can study online.
  2. It is interactive: you are able to revise in an interactive way where you practice smaller bits of information at a time.
  3. Improves information retention: you can move around with these cards anywhere you want and revise whenever you get a chance. This on the go studying helps you retain information better than if you sit down for several hours to study.
  4. You can go through material quickly: these cards are very quick to go through as they are summaries of larger reading material. Each card may have bits of information about a certain topic. Therefore, you will be surprised as to how much coverage you will attain in such a short time.

How to make this study tool for college students:

  1. Look for an online tool to make your cards: I would recommend you use GetRevising for this. It will guide you through all the processes of making your cards. All you need to do is to create an account with them, then fill out the information required. This is your username, email address, date of birth and password. Afterwards you will give your study information which includes the level of education you have (in this case university level). This site will also help you print the cards in A5 size for easy in-pocket storage and retrieval.
  2. You can make your own without external help. However, I would not recommend this. First because it can be tiresome to finish and also because you might not get the desired results. Remember that making it online saves you a lot of time and energy. However, if you have the skill and time to do it, you can use your computer to create them.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

Revision cards have become an innovative and highly effective way of studying. They can easily be used online or printed out for physical access. Some more advantages of these are:

  1. Breaks down complex and bulky information into digestible chunks: study resources may overwhelm you especially around this time of exams. You may be wondering where to start. Panic from the assumption that you can’t cover enough ground before the exam date may adversely affect how you perform. Use these cards to break down these resources into little or manageable loads.
  2. Helps jog your memory: you can use these cards to note down key words and mnemonics to help you remember larger material that you have already read. This help keep your memory sharp.
  3. Easy to make: You just need to fill in bits of information into one of these websites and they automatically make them for you.

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