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How can I make homework for kids more enjoyable?

My kids do not enjoy doing their homework at all. In fact, homework time is very stressful for all of us. Despite my homework help, they still throw tantrums every time they have to do their homework. I have even gone as far as giving them homework cheats so that they can finish their homework fast but I have realized this is not good for them. Is there a way I can make homework for kids more fun and enjoyable so that my children can look forward to the sessions and learn a lot?

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on March 12, 2018

Kids enjoy playing and running around the house. They do not enjoy sitting down in one place trying to do things they do not understand or enjoy such as homework. This is why homework time is stressful for both parents and kids. I experienced the same thing with my firstborn. He would throw a fit every time he had to do his homework even if I offered my help with homework. He wanted me to give him cheats for homework because he knew I knew all the answers to his homework questions. Doing this might have been the easy way out but I knew he wouldn’t learn anything if I allowed him to cheat.  I decided to try something different. I made our homework time fun. Here are some of the things I did to make kids homework fun.

  • Set Up a Creative Learning Space

Most people find it very difficult to work or read in a boring space or one that is full of distractions. The same goes for kids. They cannot concentrate when they are bored or when they are a number of things around them that distract them such as toys and television. For this reason, you need to set up a space for doing homework. Make sure the room is colorful and fun and ensure it has all the materials your kids need to study and does not include any distractions.  This will enable your child to associate the room with serious learning time which will prepare them psychologically and prevent them from getting distracted.

  • Positive Reinforcement

Come up with a reward system to use for every task your kids complete. It can be a star or a ticket. Include your kids in making the rules so that they can understand. When they are done collecting their rewards, give them a chance to choose which reward they want to get. It can be something like a new toy, getting ice cream or a family outing.

  • Fun Educational Games

You can also make the homework fun by turning it into a game. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. For example, if you are learning subtraction, you can use candy. For every number they have to subtract, you can allow them to eat the sweets. This will make things more fun and it will keep them engaged. If you can’t turn the homework into a game, start every session with brainteasers to prepare your kids for the session.

Brian Warnera year ago

These are all great ways to make homework for kids more enjoyable. Another great way to make your kids enjoy their homework is to work beside them. One of the reasons why kids refuse to do their homework is because they have to watch other people doing other fun things while they are stuck working on their homework. When it is time for your child to do their homework, sit beside them and do some work on your computer. You can catch up on emails, type some work or even browse the internet for some time. This makes them see that they are not the only ones working on something. It also enables you to spend some quality time with your kids and be present in case they have any questions they need to ask you concerning their homework. It also provides a great opportunity to lead by example and motivate your kids.

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