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How can I know the date of my final test online?

I am from one state but I am studying at the university of another state and I would like to know whether I could check my final exam dates online. I would really appreciate it if someone can help me with that. I want to know when my final test will be from an official source online. I also have a Korean exam that is coming up soon and it would be great if I might be able to check my exam schedule online as well.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 6, 2018

I am a student at the University of Iowa and I have been having the same issue because I live in another state. I can definitely help you, as I have been looking into this online for a long time. Recently, I have found a great source online that can show each student the exact dates of the final exams in most of the universities in the US. I started searching for it when I was not sure of the exact date of my final exam. The website is called Registrar and it has a huge database for many universities. In addition, it offers many very useful services and guidelines that have been very helpful for me lately. I believe that one of its most useful services is that it can help you plan for all your finals through the website as long as you have an internet connection. Also, you can check your grades, transcripts and yearly academic records through the website. That was very useful for me when I wanted to apply for a summer internship last year, as I was able to get all the necessary information I needed online through this website. Moreover, if your transcript is not available right away, you can request it online through the website. Final exams can be different as sometimes - your exam might be a paper, an essay, a written or an oral exam, a take-home exam or another way of evaluation that may vary according to the examiner. That is why it could be better to talk with your professor about what to expect in the future. You can view all the final exam times or schedules by choosing the quarter from the drop-down menu, and then the website will show you a table that includes the class, the final exam day, and the final exam time. Now I am personally using this website every time I want to check or plan my test schedule and it has proven to be very efficient and helpful. By the way, I also started searching for this website when I did not know the exact date of my Korean test, and it was very helpful for me. I wish you best of luck with your test. Korean is definitely not an easy language to learn for most people but it is really interesting and challenging.

Caleb Jenkinsa year ago

I totally agree with the above answer as I have checked this website and it seems to be very helpful for many students in the US. It has a huge database for many universities and institutions that can be accessed by any student who has an internet connection. I have not used it yet to check the exact date of my final test but I am going to use it soon to request a transcript of my past university records online. I have never imagined before that there could be a website that offers so many services to university students but I am very glad now after that I have known about it and I will definitely be using it a lot in the near future for many different purposes. As for Korean, I wish you both best of luck with your finals. It has to be a very hard language to learn.

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