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How can I know the best study methods that would work for me?

I had spent a lot of time studying books and lecturer’s notes, but I didn’t achieved the results. It disturbed a lot to think that I didn’t know how to study hard to grasp the content in the books. After consulting with some peers, we have learned various study techniques and effective study skills. My friends and I have been trying out some of the study methods for one academic year. Despite the fact that my friends have identified the best method that work for them, I have never found any that would make the slightest difference in my performance.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on March 14, 2018

Identifying the best method of study requires personal commitment and the energy to try out every technique exclusively. You may have tried the various study techniques with your friends, but you have never took a personal initiative to try the methods actively. It is good to appreciate the diversity of the human population, especially at the college level. Students have endowed differently hence the discrepancies in the performances. Without showing personal dedication to establish the things that would help you know the best study methods for you, you may never get one. I know many students who give up easily because they haven’t got results fast. While the exercise of getting an effective study skill or method that works for you may not be easy, your commitment to it will eventually bear results. My advice is that you practice various study methods separately for a specific period and analyze the result. By the time you are done with all the techniques, you will identify the best method that works for you. You only need to maintain the energy and exercise the methods actively for better results. In addition, try different methods at different times. It is possible that one method would be effective only at specific time. For example, studying a book can be effective during the night while studying with a peer group will be good during the day.

The common mistake college student make is thinking that study methods can have similar results for them in one way or another. Furthermore, some find it hard to appreciate the fact that they need to identify the method that works better for them even if it differs from that of the other person. I think that if students learn to do things independently, they will achieve better results than they think. Finding a study method that works for you could be difficult because you rely on the company of peers even when you ought to study in solitude. The fact that learning styles differ from one student to the other means that one should learn how to study on their own. It could be difficult or uncomfortable, but it is worth the change it is likely to cause. I have seen students who are fully committed to seeking the best study method that will favor their learning styles, and they are successful. There is power in commitment to do anything. While you may search for various study techniques to use, it is important to know that not all of them would bear similar results irrespective of your knowledge on how-to-study-hard.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

While I agree with the fact that one can seek for a practical study method through commitment, I strongly believe that people can strongly condition their minds to get their desired results. My experience has taught me various secrets that one could employ in their studies to achieve the best results. One is that the mind is so powerful, and we can adapt it to the things we want. In college, smart students can condition their minds to make use of the available methods of study at different times. If you have an opportunity to study books or use tests to know the level of your understanding, then you can hold a positive attitude and allow your mind to work as needed. As long as you learn how to utilize the study methods actively, many of them will work for you.

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