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How can I identify the best private school for high school education?

I’m looking for a good private school that offers high school education to enroll my teenage son. It is difficult coming to a decision as I haven’t had a chance to deal with these types of institutions for this purpose before. The most concerning factor for me is the low high school grades attained by students in public schools. Please provide a general private school review that will help me come to a suitable conclusion. Also, mention at least ten of the top high schools in New York City.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on January 26, 2018

The following is a review of private schools by examining their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Education curriculum in private schools is usually more rigorous and demanding.
  • If you want, you can choose a school with an affiliation to a religion to ensure that there are frequent religious studies.
  • They often have a smaller teacher to student ratio hence teachers can provide better one on one tutoring.
  • In most cases these schools have better resources that are relevant to studies such as books and computers.
  • The high standards of discipline amongst students in these schools are always admirable. Any students that disobey or ignore school rules are disciplined accordingly.
  • Typically these schools have more traditional ideologies and pass them along to pupils. This promotes cultivation of a more traditional and cultured society.
  • Students from such schools get to form stronger bonds even after school as their institutions have more developed networks i.e. alumni programs.


  • These schools are very expensive. Many parents cannot afford to take children to these types of institutions. This creates some sort of social stratification in society.
  • Many students attending these types of schools come from wealthy backgrounds. This can put unwanted pressure on pupils from middle class homes, as they perceive that they need to fit into wealthy standards.
  • Schools affiliated with certain religions can be isolative to pupils from different religious backgrounds.
  • Curriculum offered at these schools is often narrow and conservative in terms of subjects
  • Several of such schools are business oriented and lack infrastructure such as sporting structures. Moreover, they provide very few extracurricular pursuits for students.
  • They are often less diverse in terms of race and hence may not be an ideal reflection of the real world.

Factoring in high school grading, below are the top performing private high schools in New York City. 

  1. Horace Mann School
  2. Trinity School
  3. Collegiate School
  4. Regis High School
  5. Riverdale country school
  6. Dalton School
  7. Newark Academy
  8. The Chapin School
  9. Dwight-Englewood School
  10. Hackley School

This is a personal list. The numbering is not a rank. Each of the schools mentioned performs exceptionally. Research them and you will be able to come up with your top high school. The school you choose has to be an all-around school. It has to be well equipped with sports facilities, laboratories and a functioning library. It should also have a good support system. This includes health dispensaries, peer counseling rooms and more.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

Horace Mann is hands down the top high school in New York City and the USA I dare say. I am positive that I could not get a better high school education anywhere else. Teachers at this school are trained and informed well. Classes are very engaging and motivating. The school infrastructure is awesome and there are top-notch extracurricular activities.

Attending this school affords one with some sort of prestige. You get unmatched experience compared to other schools. The school definitely imparts elitism to its students. This is evidenced by the fact that students from here get into the best universities and end up with good careers.

The school’s "life of the mind" mantra is basically what sets them apart from others. The school has a very competitive culture which ensures that students maintain high academic standards and performance in sports. Students from here are definitely the cream of academia.

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