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How can I identify some of the best charter schools in NYC?

I have discovered that there are just so many charter schools in NYC. Consequently, it has become difficult to identify the best one to take my kids to. Are the charter schools in the Bronx as good as others in the city? Although I don’t know so much about schools in this place, I have heard about Brooklyn charter school from several of my friends. However, it seems none of them has ever been to any of these schools. What are they and what is your experience with the schools? How advisable is it to take my kids to such a school?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on February 20, 2018

Just as you have noted, New York City has so many charter schools that it is challenging to choose the right one for your kids. While selecting the best charter school in NYC, there are specific factors you should consider. Distance is always an essential factor. It is advisable to choose a school that is closer to your home to reduce the number of hours that your kids will spend on their way to school and back. Besides, you should consider the education program being used by any of these schools. Ensure the school that you choose has the program that meets the needs and interests of your kids.

Any charter school in the Bronx is as a good as any other in New York City. Your choice of whether to take your kids there or not should be determined by your residence or workplace. The Bronx is a quiet neighborhood that is very good for education. I would personally recommend that place especially if you have the means to take your kid there. Since the location is perfect for learning, the demand for places in the few charter schools in the region is very high. As a result, it is tough to secure a place since few vacancies are available in the schools found in this neighborhood.

Brooklyn CharterSchool provides an opportunity to children from different racial and religious backgrounds to pursue their education dreams. The school’s mission is to provide a community which makes the students feel secure, enables them to exploit their potential, respect each other irrespective of their backgrounds, and enables them to chase and realize their academic goals. To achieve this, the school embraces achievement and creativity and encourages collaborations with all parties. The school works hard to ensure that the students do not only prosper academically but also socially. Besides, the school embraces the use of technology to disseminate knowledge to students.

The school Bedford-Stuyvesant is considered as the first charter school for the city’s education department. To ensure the success of the kids, the school works as a family composed of individual families, professionals, and local leaders. The school’s education program is made to meet the needs of each student. The school’s academic curriculum is a reflection of the Common Core Standards and the state’s standards.  The school pays particular attention to arts. Hence it is best for kids whose careers are aligned with the kind of education offered in this school.

Kayla Bowena year ago

For those looking for charter schools in NYC, the process is not complicated. I agree that it heavily depends on what you are looking for. There is anything for anyone; there is a perfect school for every kid. However, the most significant challenge lies in ensuring there is an ideal match. Before taking your kids to any charter school, in addition to understanding the academic curriculum in each school, make sure you know your kids well. Does your kid want to become a great musician, poet, doctor, or pilot among others? Understand what they want to pursue to make an informed decision. By making an informed decision, it will become much more comfortable for your kid to become what he aspires to be in the future. He gets an opportunity to grow in a community that understands what he wants to become and helps and encourages him to chase his dream. Listen to your kid and consider his input before choosing the right charter school for him.

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