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How can I hire the best home tutors for my studies?

I need the best home tutors in Los Angeles to help me with my studies. My major is Math. I am currently studying at a local school, but I wish to improve my performance in order to scale the academic ladder. I urgently need to find a math tutor who can help me study at home. I am looking for local maths tutors from whom I can pick my preferable choice. I will appreciate any positive advice on this matter.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 5, 2018

I must first commend you for accepting that your level of academic performance at the moment is not good enough. Many of your colleagues find it difficult to accept their circumstances in this manner. Taking deliberate steps to accept and correct this situation, like you are doing, is the way to go. Taking lessons from a home tutor is a sure way of doing it. Scholars such as Malcolm Gladwell state that it takes 10,000 hours for anyone to become an expert at anything. So it is possible to use your weaknesses to make progress in any field. Check this out at the following link: mistakes-hunter-maats-katie-obrien

Generally, you should take into account the following points when looking for a private tutor.

a) It is important that your tutor comes with credentials and recommendations from previous clients. You should avoid being his first client. People who have handled students previously are more likely to know what to do when handling you. It would also help if he is currently a teacher or has previously taught in specified schools. You should go even further to contact these schools to find out more about him. Though your search may begin online, the final tutor you settle for should have these credentials.

b) You should not ignore the information you can get from your immediate personal networks. This can save you a lot of work. Friends, schoolmates, relatives and other acquaintances will help you identify the right tutor. They will also help you to know the existing maths tutors locally from whom you will make your choice. The tutor must not only be good at math, but also great at teaching it. References from well-meaning friends, will help you avoid the work of verification of the tutor’s qualities.

c) Thirdly, you have the power to terminate the contract of the tutor if you are not satisfied with his services. However, you should not rush to do that as you will be disrupting his life. Once you succeed in finding a math tutor, you should give him an initial contract, say of one month, which you can terminate or renew. The tutor should be available and regular in his work He should also help you understand the subject. Moreover, you most likely know by now that math is about practice. So your tutor should provide you with numerous exercises, and correct those exercises once you do them.

Larry Warren2 years ago

You will need to hire a tutor who is properly qualified. Being a student, it is difficult for you to go around checking the qualifications of your desired tutor. If he gets wind of it, that will affect your future relationship with him, as you will be playing boss to him. So, when you are checking, you should be discreet. Matters are worse if the interviewees are local maths tutors, since word gets around among them. That will negate their attitude towards you. The most important thing is thus for you to use local contacts, like friends and relatives, to arrive at the best possible choice. Where that is not possible, then searching online will help you do the job. Credentials of tutors online are easier to countercheck with your local acquaintances. An initial one month contract is important. You can terminate it should the tutor not meet your requirements.

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