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How can I get study motivation when feeling so depressed?

I’m going through a rough period in my life right now as I have got divorced. This tumultuous period of my life comes at a time when I’m looking forward to end-of-semester exams for my Masters in two weeks. I am depressed and have severe demotivation to study. Any advice on how to build motivation when depressed? I cannot fail now. I need study motivation tips.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on July 20, 2018

Firstly, I am so sorry for what you are going through. I cannot begin to imagine your pain and distress. I would also like to applaud your strength. The fact that you are here looking for information on building your motivation shows that you are a fighter who is not going to let the situations in your life distract you from achieving your goals.

Below are things you can do to boost your motivation to study:

  • Switch your location

Studying in that house might be adding on to your depression. I mean it reminds you of your life there. Both the good and the bad days. Changing your location will help you stay focused by limiting the chances of getting swept away in thought when staring at some items that remind of some people.

Pick a quiet place to study away from the people you know. Put away any distractions that might be, for example, your phone, laptop, and tablet. If these are necessary for your study, then put them in modes that will ensure you have a peaceful time. For instance, airplane mode will do for your phone and tablet, while being offline will limit any interruptions from your computer such as emails.

Recommended locations- a quiet park with a free flow of air, corner of a public library, and your garden away from prying eyes of the neighbor.

  • Keep your goal at the back of your head

Reminding yourself of your academic goals will keep you motivated to study. Having your mind set on getting a good score on your test will keep you focused regardless of the trying times that you are facing.

  • Adopt healthy eating habits

Someone once told me that we are what we eat. Eating healthy meals will help you fight off that depression and give you the much-required energy and concentration to study.

Avoiding starchy and fatty food will do you so much good. People tend to indulge a lot when in depression. Fight off this urge and if you feel like you have to snack, go for fruit, vegetables, nuts, and natural juices. These feel-good foods will help you fight off that demotivation to study.

  • Work out

Exercising has a lot of benefits: it helps to get your mind alert, it energizes you and makes you feel good about yourself. You need all of these now to be efficient.

Caleb Jenkinsa year ago

I am sorry for you. But you can’t let this bring you down. Something tells me that you are a strong person and you will pull through this unfortunate situation. You will be smiling at the end of it all. Just keep taking it a step at a time.
The answer above has some useful tips for advice. I think that I will employ them too. Below are some more tips you can use to boost your study motivation:

Read motivational quotes
The internet has an ocean of motivational quotes that will get you uplifted immediately. Getting inspiration from what others say, can boost your motivation and thus help you to get down to studying for your Master’s exams.

Get inspiration from other sources/ people
You can get a lot of motivation from inspirational books, websites, magazines, articles, and blogs. Radio shows such as Ted Talks can motivate you immensely.


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