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How can I get my mba at a top States university?

I want one of these cool mba degrees from one of the top universities in States. I currently live in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Money is not a problem. My dad is too rich. I can buy a degree without any issues whatsoever. I don’t want any of these cheap distance learning courses. I want the real thing. I will fly first class all the way to any university in the country, like Harvard or Princeton. I get very bored of being bottled up in the third world when I could breathe some fresh air in Brooklyn or Pennsylvania Avenue. I am intelligent. The studies will not be a challenge. I must pursue my graduate studies very well and show all these average students high level. How do I get this great show on the road? 

Samantha Barber

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on April 10, 2018

Hey, you really have an attitude. You will need to tone it down if you want to succeed as a student. Here is a reality check for you.

  1. You will not be getting any “cool” MBAs in the “States” until you actually have an undergraduate degree from your country or another country. You will have to apply, seeking admission into the college of your choice. The degree you have will then undergo scrutiny to see if your university is accredited or not. If it is not, then you may be required to undergo a standardization test to realize your true capabilities. All these can be done online before you ever set foot in the United States.
  2. Another important consideration is language. I give it to you on that one, your command of English is pretty remarkable. Since you do come from the DRC, which is a francophone country, you will definitely need to undertake some English test before you can be admitted. This is usually IELTS or TOEFL. Don’t worry though, you sound like you will really breeze through it.
  3. The “cheap courses by distance learning” that you think are despicable will be your only option if you fail to get campus admission. Since you are in the DRC, you will find it easier to take the course online from there than to get admission to a college campus in the United States (“States” is ambiguous). I know that is disappointing, but it is quite practical. The cool part, to borrow your expression, is that you can pursue your Ph.D. in the USA after that. It is easier when you already hold a degree from the country.
  4. About your desire to show off to other students what you are made of, I can’t help you. Frankly, you do not have a chance to make the kind of impression. You see, Harvard and Princeton have a pretty amazing collection of brainy chaps. They would not give two hoots if you actually manage to literally re-invent the wheel. So this is the problematic part of your ambition. I wish you luck with that.
  5. You also confuse me when you talk about buying a degree. I can only hope you mean, afford to pay for your course. Anything else is totally inappropriate. Your graduate study can only proceed on the basis of honesty.

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