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How can I get my education degree?

I am seeking to get an education degree in the United States. I like to study very much, but my performance in class does not reflect this. So my high school diploma does not enable me to get enrolled in our universities directly. I aim to go for a higher education degree than the bachelors. This will probably be masters in higher education after my preliminary degree. I understand that there is a way in which I can still pursue my education goals via a community college. Please explain how this works.

Carlton Burgess

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Justin Parker on April 26, 2018

It is always worrisome when a student loves his studies but does not perform well. Many reasons have been given for this phenomenon ranging from poor study methods to poor exam tackling methods. This is not your basic question, but you can find out more at these sites: and

The following factors will help you achieve your desired higher education goals.

Yes, you can still go on to the university after studying at a community college. All you have to do is enroll and study. As you will be guided by the sites above, and many others, you should study less and spare time for other things. One thing they don’t say is that discussing what you have studied with others will help you understand better. You can occasionally hold such discussions with your teacher, but mostly with fellow students. This way you will better understand what you study. Consequently, you will perform better and proceed to get your degree in education.

Your desire to get a higher degree in education can also be achieved using the same method. As you go higher in the education ladder, you tend to realize that group work replaces individual effort most of the time. You will also be taught to research, meaning that you have to find new information. That information comes from the environment and not from books. You only get the guidelines in class. You will thus become more of a practical person than one studies a lot.

The research will define your studies for a higher education master’s degree. You will continue to question concepts you learned earlier to either approve or disapprove them. This means that you will not just be accepting facts but critiquing them. It may sound complex at your current level of learning, but you will discover that it is the very aim of education once you join community college. You are being taught not only to understand what others have done before you but also to use their methods to find out for yourself. Who knows, you may even come up with something new that did not exist in the books you have been reading so hard. That is what it takes to get a Ph.D. You have to come up with something new, or a new aspect of something that was known before. Then other students will read your books too.

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